Terms & Conditions

a.    All sales made by NSA consulting to Applicant are due and payable BEFORE delivery of goods or services offered, whether to Applicant or to an applicator on behalf of Applicant, except for services on accounts which have established a credit relationship with NSA consulting.

b.    It is the Applicant’s responsibility to personally receive or to designate a representative to receive the Products/ services in any case; the applicant is responsible for all communications to NSA consulting to track the products or services not received,

c.    All deliveries Must be collected from NSA consulting offices when due or the applicant Must arrange for the couriering of the products AT OWN EXPENSE, Learning materials Will be sent electronically at own risk:

d.    Applicant will be responsible for the payment of the invoice before collection or downloading of Products

e.    The Applicant’s or its representatives’ failure to pay the amount due on the Products or services within the timeframe indicated on the quotation will led to cancellation of the application. And will have to start over or signing the quotation does not exonerate the Applicant from the obligation to pay the invoice due or as specified by the credit terms established on the Applicant’s account. Unless other written documents signed by NSA consulting state otherwise, all invoices for the Services are due and payable in full according to the terms of sale specified on the invoice.

f.     Applicant agrees that all terms and conditions of sale shall be governed by the label, invoice or other document which may be sent to Applicant after delivery of the Products.

g.    For those accounts which not paid in full, NSA consulting will apply an interest payment or charges to outstanding invoice balances.

h.    No terms or conditions of any sale different from NSA consulting terms of sale will become part of any agreement unless approved in writing by NSA consulting.

i.      Applicant agrees to be bound by the terms of the warranty limitations and the disclaimers contained on the product labels and invoices. Applicant also acknowledges that neither NSA consulting nor the developers assumes any duty to Applicant in the event that any of their respective  representatives make a recommendation as to the selection, application or use of a product and that any such recommendation is without consideration and informational only.

j.     Applicant shall be solely responsible for the ultimate selection, application or use of all products purchased from NSA consulting.

k.    The applicant upon approval of the purchase can customize the purchased product to suite the market need. Customization includes but not limited to; logo insertion, font styles, layout, margins, cover pages, graphics, and copyrights, however applicant must ACKNOWLEDGE NSA Consulting, BBT Institute and The South african institute for quality assessment practices partners as the primary developers for such customization.  



Refund Policy

1.1. NSA consulting has a full refund policy in place in line with the South African Bargain Council. However

1.2. There is NO refund on EDITABLE SOFT COPIES or Hard copies of products taken either electronically or physical collection of electronic version from NSA consulting, NSA consulting will Endeavour to correct the default products upon request within a given period of time by NSA consulting developers.

1.3. A full refund will only be instituted in the following manner;

1.3.1. Applicants may request a refund if the products are not made available within the agreed timeframe if there is no any valid reason for such delay.

1.3.2. Applicants may request a refund if the products delivered are not the one indicated on the request form and such error is not corrected within agreed time frames.

1.3.3. Applicants may request a refund if the products have physical defaults, i.e. CD not Opening and there is not replacement for such material or product requested.

1.3.4. In terms of accreditations, applicants may request NSA consulting to remediate on the materials to meet the accreditation requirements; this should be done within 14 DAYS after receiving the Accreditation evaluation report. Failure to comply will result to no refund or assistance from NSA consulting.

1.3.5. Upon request of review of all learning materials, NSA will Endeavour to make corrections or interchanges to the clients expectations, once reviews are made the provider will be informed of any changes made, if not clear.



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